02 Oct 2020

Your Physical Space

If you walk through your house or apartment and feel stressed, there’s probably a good reason.

Our physical space is a reflection of our inner space, so if your physical space doesn’t feel like you, then you’re probably not feeling like you on the inside.

Similarly, if you’re living in a space that is filled with stuff that stresses you out, it’s going to have an effect on your inner life.

Taking care of your environment is a huge part of self care, because your environment impacts your thoughts and emotions.

For example, your aunt gave you a unicorn statue for your birthday a few years ago because she remembered you like unicorns.  You did.  When you were 10.  Not so much now.

This could elicit a couple of thoughts and emotions.

First, it could bring you joy to think about your aunt & make you giggle a little when you look at it, because you think about how much you love her and how’s she’s fun to be around.  So you put it on a shelf and smile when you see it.

Second, you put it on a shelf because you would feel guilty and unappreciative to do otherwise.  Whenever you look at it you beat yourself up just a little for not speaking up for yourself more. 

So there you go; a little trinket of guilt and shame sitting on your shelf.

Time to ask yourself if the it’s worth your energy to hold onto the little unicorn statue.

Ask yourself what it would feel like to let it go.

Moms, if you want to create an energy shift and start shedding the stuff that’s weighing you down, head over to my private FB group, Starting Strong, Staying Strong. 

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be talking about different ways to detox your environment, including a 3 Day Closet Detox Challenge October 6th-8th.  Please join us!


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