16 Dec 2020

What’s In Your Cup?

I love my morning coffee.  Every morning I get up before anyone else just so I can savor my first cup while the house is still quiet.

It’s important for me to start my day with ease as my mind can easily get caught up in the whirlwind of activity and then I spend all day feeling like I need to catch up.

I’ve had plenty of mornings, though, when I’ve rushed around trying to get everyone fed and where they needed to go, reheating that first cup of coffee over and over, and eventually just dumping it out to start all over when I had a minute to myself.

The past 9 months, many of us have been forced to either postpone or cancel trips, classes, moves, and business opportunities all while trying to learn how to teach and work from home.  Many of us have lost jobs or have seen a nose dive in our businesses all while being asked to do things that go against our human nature such as detaching from the community.

Things that we were planning on filling our cup with, things that we knew were going to bring us joy, were taken out of the equation.  

Although we know that this has all been for the protection of our health and those we love, it’s been tough.  The idea of loving our neighbor has never required so much sacrifice or caused us to grieve for things that were once a part of our daily lives.  

For many of us, it’s not a matter of how full our cup is, but what’s in it.  Right now, it could be full of stress, anxiety, negativity; all the things that 2020 has brought to our doorstep.

There’s absolutely no room to even think about adding anything else when we’re full to the brim.   It’s hard to even imagine 2021 being less stressful and we’re desperate for a new beginning.

It’s time to acknowledge what was, learn to live with what is and create space for what will be.  To pour out what is stale and bitter and start the year with a fresh new cup of possibilities. 

It’s time to refill our energy tank and find peace of mind, even while we’re living in intense uncertainty and negativity.

I’d love for you to join me and a group of other moms who are ready to create space for change.  Here are the details on my latest (virtual) workshop Let Go And Create Space:  https://karencrowlifecoach.com/let-go-and-create-space/

Class begins January 4th and space is limited to 10.  Hope to see you there!

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