04 Dec 2019

Vitamin P

In BARE, a program for women that I teach, we talk a lot about pleasure.  It’s usually one of the favorite weeks as women have not given themselves permission to add pleasure into their day in a long time.  The word pleasure has a bad rap, it seems.  We go through our days fulfilling task after task and end up “zoning out” with things like social media, television, food and alcohol.  That’s because when we lack pleasure, we search for it in people and places where it doesn’t exist. 

But here’s the thing – our bodies are wired for pleasure.  We were created for joy & happiness.  We are not wired to trudge through the day, depriving ourselves from the simple pleasures in life, thinking that they’re only for those who have the time or money for it.  But adding in simple pleasures throughout the day doesn’t have to cost anything or take much time.  Things such as lighting a candle while you work, listening to a funny podcast while you make dinner, sipping tea out of a beautiful teacup, watching the sunrise or sunset or taking 10 minute walks throughout the day are simple ways you can begin to show yourself love.

When you begin to intentionally add little pleasures into your day, you’ll notice it physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  You’ll feel happier and more relaxed, reducing the amount of cortisol (the stress hormone) in your body.  This is why pleasure, not willpower, is key in transforming your life.  When you allow your body to relax, you give your brain time to see things differently, creating space for creativity and the ability to arrive at solutions easier.  And you may discover that you have more energy as well.

Morning, noon or night – when can you start to add in a little Vitamin P, and what will it be that makes you feel genuinely happy?

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