14 Jan 2021

Use The Gift Card

I used to hold onto a gift card “until I really needed it.”  Whenever I received one for a service like a pedicure or a massage, I’d hold onto it until I was stressed out enough to use it.

Because I thought I had to EARN the right to take care of myself. 

Many moms go through life feeling as if we’re not doing enough, that the stress we experience is to be expected, so it doesn’t matter.  Many of us feel that we have to add more in order to deserve time for ourselves.

So we spend our days fulfilling the mundane tasks of going to work, managing house & home; putting our needs and desires last.  And we tell ourselves that we need to keep sacrificing until we feel that we can justify giving ourselves a break.

The problem is we never stop to ask ourselves when it will be enough; when we will have done enough to feel deserving of a little joy.

Or we give ourselves a little, but that’s it for a while.

The guilt we feel as moms can be never ending if we don’t wake up and realize that we are enough to begin with; there is nothing that we need to do to prove our worthiness.

And we continually reaffirm our worth when we begin to intentionally create moments of self care throughout the day.

When your day is filled with joyful, feel good moments, those gift cards are just icing on the cake.  Showing yourself love and respect daily reaffirms your worth constantly.  

Don’t wait until you are boiling over with stress to do something nice for yourself.  You are worthy of love and joy right now and everyday after.

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