04 Sep 2020

Saying No Is An Act Of Love

Who and what you allow into your space has a profound impact on your life.  The way we regulate what we allow in and out is through boundaries.

And the one I want to talk about today is the one I call The Guilty Yes.

Moms often fall into the guilty yes trap.  For many different reasons, we feel obligated to say yes to so much, because that’s what “good moms” do.

When we do say no, we feel guilty and are often made to feel guilty by other people. 

And when we fill our time with obligations we really wanted to say no to, we become exhausted under the weight of other people’s expectations.  If you’re constantly drained, you may be carrying around too many guilty yeses.

The truth is, saying no is an act of love, not only for ourselves but our family as well.  By saying no, we are protecting our energy, creating space for ourselves, and are likely to feel less resentful towards those we love.

Because, when we let go of what’s weighing us down, we become more open and freer to live and love the life we have.

Boundaries exist not to close us off, but to open us up to more. 

The next time you feel the pull of the guilty yes, try honoring that little voice inside that wants you to say no.  While it may feel relatively small, it will be a big step in giving yourself the gift of more freedom.

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