14 Dec 2020

Moms Need A Reset Button

With everything that’s happened in 2020, moms have been left feeling exhausted with little time for themselves.  It’s tough to think past what needs to be done today, much less what we would like to do for ourselves in the future.

We’ve become resigned to living in this place of uncertainty, afraid to plan for our future and we’re out of creative ideas to distract ourselves.  During the initial stages of isolation we were focused on remaining optimistic, and coming up with creative ways to pass the time.

And we are so done with just “trying to remain positive”.  All the puzzles have been completed, we put the gratitude jar aside months ago, we’ve binged all of Netflix and our pajamas are on their last leg.

We need a reset button.  We have desires for the future, but how can we even begin to think about anything new when we haven’t even processed the onslaught of the past year?  

So we feel stuck.  And we end up mindlessly eating, scrolling social media or laying on the couch watching tv because we’re exhausted and are weighed down by what has been a constant bettering.  We don’t have the energy to start something new, and even if we did we wouldn’t know where to start.  

Starting is the hardest part.  Many of us know all the things that will make us feel better, we know the actions to take but we have no idea where to begin.

The truth is, we won’t be able to get very far if we go into 2021 carrying everything from 2020.  At best, it will be real easy to fall back into the numbing habits we’ve acquired.

We all need a fresh start, now more than ever.  We all need to be able not only to imagine new possibilities, but begin to make steps towards making new dreams a reality.    

We need to let go of what’s weighing us down in order to create space for what we want in the future.  We need to be free to dream and set goals again, and the way to do that is to eliminate the things that are holding us back.

We can do it alone, but engaging with a group can give us the boost we need to get moving, and fuel the needs for connection we’ve been missing.  We can write down goals and create vision boards, but if our thinking is still clouded and exhausted, we’ll be unable to see the road ahead.

If you’re tired of complaining, tired of numbing out, tired of not feeling motivated, please join me and a group of 10 other moms on January 4th for Let Go And Create Space.  

Click on the link below to learn more, feel free to send me a message if you have questions:

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