09 Dec 2020

Hiding Our Emotions

Years ago, when my youngest was 2, I found myself in a place of intense loneliness and grief.  I had lost my father a few years before and we were in the middle of a recession which was putting a serious strain on our finances and our marriage.

I hid my feelings from friends and family, because I was afraid no one would understand and I didn’t want to be the bummer who brought everyone else down.  I believed the lie that everyone else’s life was perfect, so I hid how I was really feeling, put a smile on my face and went through the motions of work and motherhood.

And as a result, I felt cut off, alone and frustrated.

My sister invited me to attend a retreat with her, and when I went, I discovered  just how many women were dealing with the same stress that I was.  It was such a relief and it gave me the opportunity to just be real and let my guard down in a community of other women.

In other words, it gave me the permission to feel what I was really feeling and accept that it was okay.

It also gave me courage when I came home to keep talking and connecting with friends and family, and chip away at the wall I had built around me.  It was a slow process, but starting was the hardest part.

As moms, we think we have to keep it inside, but the truth is we don’t.  

And when we start to open up, not only do we release stress and find solutions to our challenges, we create stronger connections with the people we love.

I know it’s scary to open up, and that we’re afraid we won’t know what to say or find the right way to say it.  I get it, and if you want to talk through it first, figure out what you want to say or what you feel, that’s what I help women do, and would love to speak.

Here’s a link to find a time: https://app.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php?owner=16735827

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