13 Nov 2020

Happiness Along The Way

Our lives are not lived only in the highlights; they’re lived minute by minute, hour by hour.

It’s all too common to think of major life events and milestones as a source of happiness.

Getting married, having kids, buying a house and landing your dream job are all reasons for celebration.  And they do make us happy in the moment.

The trouble is, happiness often fades over time as we get caught up in the day to day, and the events that we thought would bring us lifelong fulfillment end up becoming monotonous and sometimes stressful.

It’s easy to get caught up in looking forward to the next big thing that will make us happy.  It’s a trap of sorts.

And the problem is, if we’re only focused on these significant moments, we miss out on so much happiness along the way.

We miss out on the simple pleasures in life like sitting down and savoring a meal, taking in a sunset, appreciating the way our body feels after a yoga class or seeing the look on our child’s face when they finally understand that math problem they’ve been working on.  

And when we take the time to appreciate the little things everyday, those big life events become icing on the cake.  

Because the truth is, happiness is something we can choose everyday and it is often found in the small, seemingly insignificant moments.

Slowing down and expressing gratitude for the small things is a simple way to bring yourself in the present and start cultivating happiness now.  Gratitude means simply being thankful and expressing appreciation for everything that makes up your day.  

Creating a habit of keeping a daily gratitude list allows us to look for and be aware of everything that brings us happiness, keeping us focused on the here and now.

Whether it’s a cozy robe, snuggles with your kids, clean water, healthy food or reliable internet service, there is always something to be grateful for.  

And so much opportunity to be happy right now.

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