06 Mar 2020

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Overwhelm can happen whether you’re thinking about something stressful or something exciting.  It happens when we feel we have too much on our plate or when a goal seems too big. 

Overwhelm can stop you in your tracks and leave you not knowing how to move forward.  It can cause you to question your next move and all the possibilities that go along with it before you even act on it.  It can leave you paralyzed with anxiety and fear of the unknown.  It can leave you feeling tired, weighed down and unwilling to act.

Here are a few suggestions to help overcome overwhelm:

Bring it out in the open – One key to combating overwhelm is to talk about it.  When we’re silent, thoughts can fill our mind quickly, just like filling a balloon with air and soon we’re ready to pop.  Talk about what it is that’s weighing you down.  Just speaking about what it is that’s creating the overwhelm releases some of the stress associated with it and helps you identify what thoughts are true and which ones are not.

Look at it – Make a list of action steps you can take and break them down into tiny turtle steps.  Chunking things down is very important as often our list itself is long.   Creating a to-do list with things like ‘clean the house’ or ‘work on the fundraiser’ or ‘write book’ are vague and can leave you feeling that you don’t have enough time to complete them, make you want to avoid them or cause you to go blank when you actually sit down to do them.  Get specific.  Break each one of those big goals down into smaller steps.  Doing this will give you a better idea of how much time you need to complete each one and will leave you feeling with a sense of accomplishment even before you’re finished.

Move Your Body – Exercising is one of the best things we can do for our mental health.  It helps us release stress, process our thoughts and come up with creative solutions to challenges.  Go for a walk or run, do some yoga or dance around your house.  Release the stress, refocus and get back to work.

Be gentle with yourself.  Everyone feels overwhelmed from time to time.  Get clear, find the truth in the situation and keep moving forward.

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