13 May 2020

Creating Peace

I was talking with a friend the other day about quarantine fatigue.  I know I’ve experienced it, and the more people I talk to, the more I realize how common it is right now.  And it’s really no wonder why.

The world is in chaos and has been for months.  Although there is normally chaos in the world, we usually have routines and schedules that we can count on to help us feel like we have more control over our lives.  Now those routines have been upended for weeks, and the new ones we created a few months ago are out the window.  Some say they want things to get back to normal, some just want to get out already, but don’t know where it feels safe to go.  The information we’re receiving is overwhelming and difficult to get away from, and our emotions have been all over the place for weeks.  And now we’re exhausted.

So how do we get back to peace and stillness?  How do we get back to a feeling of order? 

Glad you asked!  Here are a few simple ways…….

  1. Get Out Of Your Head And Back In Your Body

One of the easiest ways to find stillness are simple breathing techniques.  One of my favorites, Box Breathing, begins with a long exhale (to get your mind out of fight or flight).  As you do this, place your hands over your heart and close your eyes.  Inhale slowly for the count of 4, hold for a count of 4, exhale for a count of 4 and hold again for a count of 4 before starting the next inhale.  As you’re breathing, feel your body relax from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.  Whenever you’re ready, release your hands from your heart and open your eyes.

  • Nature

I was sitting outside the other day, observing the trees blowing in the wind.  Although, not the whole tree; just the branches and leaves.  The trunks were still, grounded.  And so it is with us; stillness is always found within.

Nature connects us all and brings us home.  Being in nature reduces stress and anxiety, and increases our creativity and feelings of connection.  Spending time in nature helps us clear our thoughts and bring calm to our lives.

Spend time outside sitting, hiking or gardening.  As much as you can, do so without listening to music or podcasts so you can allow yourself the opportunity to expand your senses in your natural environment.

  • Create Order Indoors.

No, I’m not suggesting a new schedule.  Rather, look for small areas in your home where you could do a little environmental detox.  Junk drawers, bathroom closets and bookshelves are all areas where we keep things that are expired, not needed, or saving “just in case”.  When we clean up these little spaces, we open space for new energy to flow and create a feeling of order within.  Purifying our environment of things that no longer serve us helps us find calm and clarity in the midst of chaos. 

These are all simple ideas that, when practiced, can change the course of your day.  Tiny adjustments create significant change.

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