28 Feb 2020

Am I Worthy?

Many times when I’m working 1:1 with clients, once we get through a lot of the surface stuff that’s going on in their life, we uncover a common limiting belief; I am not worthy.

We go through life trying to earn many things – grades, privileges, vacation time, money, promotions, etc.…. but what we never need to earn is our worth.

I heard a great analogy about this recently, and I’d like to share it with you here.  When pennies are made, they come out bright, shiny and perfectly round pieces of copper.  As a penny is used, as it gets passed from person to person, it starts to look worn; it becomes dirty and tarnished.  But its value, it’s worth never changes.  So it is with us.  No matter what we’ve done, no matter what we look like, no matter how we feel, our worth is always the same.  Our worth is absolute.

Because of the messages that we have received throughout our life from family and friends and culture at large, it may be hard to believe this sometimes.  There may be something that we want, that we are striving for, but deep down we struggle to believe that we actually deserve it.

I encourage you this week to identify one area where you’re struggling and find where you feel undeserving.  Are you saying things like “That’s frivolous” or “That would never happen for me” or are you doubting your ability to reach a goal?  Identify that one area, ask yourself if what you’re thinking is true, and find a way to turn that thought around by creating an “I am worthy” statement.

I am worthy of________.

I am worthy of Abundance.

I am Worthy of Success.

I am Worthy of Love.

I am Worthy of Financial Freedom.

I am Worthy of Peace.

I am Worthy of speaking up and letting my voice be heard.

I am Worthy of a strong, healthy body.

Whatever it is, identify it and start speaking truth into your life. 

Your worth is absolute.

Own it.

Start today living your life from the place of your worth.

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