Hi!  I’m Karen Crow

As a massage therapist for 18 years, I enjoyed working with my clients to help them take care of their bodies, teaching the importance of self care in between sessions.  Becoming a Life Coach was a natural transition to help expand the practice of self care to mind, body and spirit.

My first introduction to coaching was about 8 years ago when I worked as a Health Coach for a diet company.  I enjoyed talking with my clients every week and helping them find solutions that would help keep them on the program.  However, I found myself wanting to go deeper with them, as the desire and process of losing weight can bring up many emotions.  Later, as the manager of the spa that I worked at, I found myself, once again, enjoying the part of my job where I got to coach the employees that I managed.  However, as with the diet company, I became frustrated that I was coaching to the company’s goals and wanted to go deeper into the individual employee’s goals and dreams. 

I have a BA in Psychology and Theology from Webster University, trained with Martha Beck Inc in 2017 for Life Coaching and was recently became a Certified BARE Coach under the guidance of Susan Hyatt.

I am passionate about helping women remove the thoughts and limiting beliefs that are blocking them from becoming their best selves.  Self care is just as much about being attentive to what we think and believe about ourselves as it is about taking time to relax and finding pleasure in our day.  I would be honored to have the opportunity to work with you and help you start putting yourself first again.