29 Apr 2020


During times of grief and crisis, there is a natural tendency to examine how we’ve been living our lives and what we want to change.  The pause that we are experiencing in our lives right now is a great time to be used for reflection on where our lives…

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21 Apr 2020

We’ve all been taught that fear is bad.  But how would we live differently if we accepted that fear is part of our lives, and used it to ask questions and acknowledge where we may need to grow instead of fighting it all the time or trying to push…

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09 Apr 2020

A few weeks ago, I wrote about choosing to use the word “cocoon” instead of quarantine.  I chose this word, not because it’s cute or has a feel-good ending, but because it acknowledges a process.  The caterpillar doesn’t skip any stages of metamorphosis in becoming a butterfly.  (If you…

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